any answer to this question – how to restrict azure appservice to a domain

I posted the following question on stackoverflow and but never got any answer. hopefully, someone can help me out with this one.

I have a WCF service running on a azure app service. I want to restrict this WCF to a few azure website, external IPs and some other deployments. I am using IPSecurity tag for that in my WCF web.config

My issue is the IP restrictions work, but the azure website domains that i allow access to, dont seem to work.

for exmaple, i have an azure website with a custom domain, i am trying to give this domain access to wcf, but it doesnt seem to be working. below is my configuration.

<ipSecurity enableReverseDns="true" allowUnlisted="false">
        <add ipAddress="" allowed="true" /> 
        <add ipAddress="xx.xx.xx.xx" allowed="true" />  (IP of azure website i got after nslookup)  
        <add domainName="" allowed="true" />
        <add domainName="" allowed="true" /> (custom domain tied to my azure website)    

i was assuming that one of the last 3 settings here will whitelist my wcf client running to azure website to access WCF but so far nothing.

Will appreciate any help. Thanks.


One thought on “any answer to this question – how to restrict azure appservice to a domain

  1. No reply yet on any forum on domain restriction issue
    So This was achieved by whitelisting wcf client app services ips on wcf service web.config
    We can get client outbound ips of app devices in application properties


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